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Stellar Authenticator is a tool for creating accounts and validating transactions on the Stellar blockchain. On this network, each one is responsible for its own accounts and Stellar Authenticator helps you with that. All your private data are kept encrypted on your computer and only your requests are sent on the internet.

You are a few click away from your Stellar account. All you need to do is to pick an username and a password. Please choose something that you will remember for sure. If you loose them, you won't be able to access your accounts anymore. There's no password recovery mechanism as nobody else will know about your username/password.

If you only want to see how Stellar Authenticator works, you can try the guest mode. Please remember that there's not much to do in there, as it is merely an authenticator for external Stellar services.

If you prefer to learn more about Stellar first, you can take a look at the official website, at

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Open transaction

You can open a transaction that you'd like to sign using its URL or its XDR.

Cosmic Link / Transaction URL

Transaction XDR


Cosmic Link / Transaction URL

Transaction XDR



I initially came to Stellar looking for a solution for organising a small ICO (a fundraise based on the blockchain). I wanted to offer a way for donators to securely & easily manage their wallet by themself. I was not satisfied by available solution security-wise, as exposing donators to the possibility of a wallet crack was not an option. I've been offered the means to go ahead and implement my own solution, thanks to Stellar Foundation kind support.

What is getting solved

I've created Stellar Authenticator and cosmic links in an effort to bring additional security into the Stellar ecosystem. Precisely, I aimed to offer a solution to the following problems :


I started looking at a solution that would achieve those goals :


After talking with other community members, the solution came up of expressing Stellar transaction requests as URL queries. That would be the common language between all services/wallets. The website would serve as a secure relay when direct connection between the service and the wallet would not be possible. In this scheme, Stellar Authenticator offer a way to create accounts and securely store the private keys. It allows to sign transactions so that you don't need to give away thoses keys. By narrowing its purpose solely on this task, I can keep the codebase size under control. Then, this is easier to audit it and to keep it secure and well-functioning.


Nowaday, this design is fully implemented and functional. This is still in the beta phase, though. This means that it's stable enough to be used and the core features have been tested enough. However, some additional features are still to be implemented before I can say to job is done. Namely cloud syncing, hardware wallets support, encrypted paper wallet, a better support for multi-signatures accounts and translation into other languages.

Source Code

The Gihub repository is at This website is served directly from there through CloudFlare.


Stellar Authenticator is under MIT Licence. This is a free software licence that allows you to read, copy, edit and distribute the code with or without your changes. The development costs are supported by the Stellar Foundation and the donators.


If you wish to contribute, ask a question or make a suggestion, you're welcome to do so in the dedicated thread at Galactic Talk. If you prefer to contact me directly you can do so at [email protected].


Tips are welcome at donate*